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PastizziCountry of Origin: Malta Name: Pastizzi (Pas-tit-ze)

Make up this traditional pastry or substitute a flaky pastry
400g flour
pinch of salt
50g soft shortening
50g margarine
Put the flour in a mixing bowl, add enough water to make a stiff dough. Beat on medium speed until smooth. If the pastry is at all sticky add more flour.

Roll the pastry out thinly (3mm) on a floured board. Spread the shortening over the whole surface, using hands. Roll up carefully as for Swiss roll.

Roll out the pastry again but this time spread it with margarine and roll up again. When ready to use slice small chunks of the pastry sausage. Place the cut end on the board to flatten this retains the characteristic ring pattern in this pastry giving it it's flakiness when cooked.

Vegetable filling

1/4 Cabbage
2 Carrots
2 Medium Potatoes (boiled then mashed)
2 small Onions diced
250-300g Mince
2 tbspns Tomato Paste
1 tin minted mushy peas or fresh peas and chopped mint1/2 tspn Curry Powder
Boil then mash the vegetables.

Fry the onion then add the mince and cook through. Add the other vegetables, tomato paste, curry and peas and cook a little longer to combine the ingredients.

Cheese filling

Ricotta Cheese
A little Parsley chopped
Mash the ricotta cheese then mix in the egg and parsley and season with salt and pepper

To make up the pastries

Cut of a section of the pastry and flatten out to a roughly circular shape. With the vegetable filling place a spoonful off centre and fold the pastry over to make a semi-circle shape. With the cheese filling place the filling in the centre and fold both sides into the middle to make a boat shape. Glaze with a little milk or water and bake in moderate oven till golden brown.