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What is Organic

Organic means you do not use chemicals or artificial fertilizers to grow plants. Many organic minded people also extend this philosophy to their everyday lives and select natural products for their home and environs.

Be wary many people say they grow food organically because they don't use chemicals, but they still use artificial fertilizers. The use of high nitrogen fertilizers, like urea, are prohibited in organic agriculture. There are many natural or organically certified inputs that can be used in organic agriculture. These are allowed inputs are listed in the organic standards and other publications and information available through the certifier's websites.

How do you know it's Organic

Produce that complies with the organic standard has certification logo. Nature's Haven is certified with the ACO (Australian certified organic), which is represented by the bud logo. There are a number of different certifying marks, which represent different organic organizations but the most common ones for organic produce are the bud for BFA/ACO or the double leaf, representing NASAA.

To view Nature's Haven logos go to the "About Us" section. For more information about the certifying bodies go to the Organic Asc link.