Australian Organic Vegetables

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Vegetable Spread
Country of Origin: Russia Name: Ikra
1 kg Eggplant
1/2 kg Capsicum
2 Zucchini
2-3 large onions minced
500g minced meat
3-4 cloves garlic
2 tbsp tomato paste
Salt & Pepper
Optional: Tiny piece of hot chilli
Peel the eggplant then mince all the vegetables keeping the onions separate retain all the juices. Fry the onions then add the minced vegetables. Alot of liquid will be generated which needs to cook off. When a thick paste add the tomato paste and season.

This spread makes a great tasty snack on rye bread.

Zucchini Mustard Pickles
Source: Les

1 kg Zucchinis (washed & sliced)
500 g Onions (chopped)
2 cups white vinegar
1/2 tspn Tumeric
2 tspns dry mustard
1 tbspn cornflour
2tspn curry powder
1 cup sugar
2 tspn salt
Place the zucchini, onion and 1 cup of the vinegar into a saucepan or boiler and bring to the boil. Reduce heat and simmer covered for 30 minutes.

Combine tumeric, mustard, curry powder and salt with 1/2 cup of vinegar and mix to a smooth paste. Add the paste and sugar to the saucepan and stir till the sugar dissolves then simmer for a further 5 minutes.

Mix the cornflour with the remaining vinegar then add to the pot stirring till the mixture boils and thickens.

Reduce the heat again and simmer for a further 5 minutes stirring frequently.

Pour the Pickles into hot sterilized jars and seal.

Note: Makes about 5 jars.