Australian Organic Vegetables

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Nature's Haven came about because of a love of growing plants and being uncomfortable with what we see as the unnecessary use of chemicals. Our philosophy is that if you provide healthy soils, adequate water, good nutrition and a natural balanced ecosystem plants will be in an environment where they can look after themselves.

We work on balancing the soils to provide the nutrition the plants need. Conventional agriculture tends to provide an excess of certain fertiliser compounds. Compounds with a Nitrogen base are readily taken up by plants often in excess to the plants requirements. This can tend to throw the nutrient balance within the plant out of whack with the end result that foods can spoil quicker. The food rots rather than dehydrates.

In organic agriculture Nitrogen is generally a limiting element as most organically allowed inputs only have small proportions of Nitrogen based compounds which means that Nitrogen is taken up in balance with the other required nutrients resulting in a more nutritionally balanced product. This is why organic produce may dehydrate with age but still maintains good flavour characteristics unlike the conventional counterpart which either loses it's flavour or can develop an off taste.

A diverse ecosystem both above and below ground level is critical to how we manage our crops. Nature's Haven places great importance in protecting the insect population. We avoid using natural pythrethrum as it also kills our beneficial insects. We protect our predator insects and even provide areas where they can be protected between crops. Because we have the full spectrum of insects the predator insects keep the other pest insects in balance.

The quantity and variety of species of insect have increased remarkably since we have been organic and in the mornings and evenings the air is a hive of activity as the insects do their job polinating and cleaning up pests. There are many other species besides bees involved in the pollination activity.

As we protect the insects we also aim to protect the biota in the soil. Beneficial soil microbes and macropods are important in protecting the plants roots and maintaining the environment in the root vicinity. The roots provide sugars that feed the soil biota, which in turn buffer and protect the roots from changes in the soil medium and draw nutrients within reach of the roots.

When we add something to the soil the health of the biota is paramount and some products are selected primarily to feed the biota and ensure they continue to do their most important work. The use of artificial fertilisers and chemicals destroy this balance leaving the plant to fend for itself.

We are pleased with how well our natural system works and Nature's Haven is well known for supplying consistent and quality produce.