Australian Organic Vegetables

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Jap (Type)

Harvest Period --- January to May

Jap pumpkin (or 'Ken Special' or 'Kent' as it is sometimes called) is one of our standard lines.

This pumpkin has the smoothest texture and literally melts when you cook it. Great for soups and stews because of the texture but can be used in any dish.

Jap pumpkin is ripe when it has the white ghosting on the skin as shown in the image.

Harvest Period --- January to May

Butternuts are a favourite with most people because their size and shape with a rind that is somewhat easier to remove than other lobed pumpkins.

which is suitable for a meal size serve.

Harvest Period --- January to August

Pumpkins are a joy to watch grow because in no time at all a few plants will cover a whole field. Jarradale is no exception with it's massive leaves hiding hundreds of fruit below.

Jarradale is a green/blue pumpkin that has good keeping qualities