Australian Organic Vegetables

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Harvest Period --- February to May

Eggplant (also known as Aubergine) is featured in a tasty vegetable spread which can be found in the Recipe Section.
Jerusalem Artichoke

Harvest Period --- from January

Jerusalem Artichokes belong to the Sunflower family and the edible vegetable is the bulbous roots which are harvested similar to potatoes. The artichokes have quite a strong flavour which you either like or hate. I personally like them very much.

Artichokes generally need to be cooked on their own as a vegetable or condiment as the strong flavour can overpower other ingredients.

Globe Artichoke

Harvest Period --- September/October

Globe Artichoke are part of the thistle family and are totally unrelated to Jerusalem Artichokes. The edible portion is the immature thistle.

This is probably my favourite vegetable although is does take some time to prepare for eating. The easiest way to prepare the artichokes is to remove most of the outer leaf and just reserve the heart portion for cooking. I prefer to leave the artichokes whole using the stuffed artichoke method in the recipe (vegetables) section.

Artichokes always need to be cooked with either lemon or vinegar in the cooking liquid.


Harvest Period --- Mid Spring to Early Autumn

Lebanese and Green Slicer cucumber have sporadic availability due to weather conditions.