Australian Organic Vegetables

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At Nature's Haven, we wish to promote the 'Organic Philosophy', encourage healthier lifestyles and protect the local environment. In order to achieve this aim we seek to be a successful commercial business supplying high quality, nutritionally sound produce to health conscious consumers.

The three elements by which we measure ourselves are Quality of our Produce, Respect for the Environment and Maintaining an Safe and Happy Workplace.


We aim to produce a good, consistent quality product for as much of the growing season as possible. One of the most critical factors in enabling the production of good quality food is the health of the soil. Soils that have been under good organic management have soils that smell sweet and rich regardless of the soil makeup. We often have comments on how good our soil smells.

We have achieved certification to the Australian Organic Standard since 2002 and also comply with the Freshcare guidelines since 2005.


In the management of our properties and cropping programs we use sound environmental management practices. Our cropping management practices are all about working in harmony with nature and natural processes. Aside from supplying natural sources of nutrition to crops our inputs are very low. We have an abundance of predatory insects which are very important to the way we manage our crops and we in turn manage our crops to protect the beneficial insects. The numbers and variety of beneficial insects seems to increase every year giving evidence to the healthy environment they inhabit.

We place great importance on the local environment and help protect local biodiversity by reserving a significant amount of our properties for native vegetation. Currently 37% of our home property is dedicated to local native vegetation. We aim to maintain at least 20% of our collective lands as  native vegetation.

Safe and Happy Work Community

We develop long-term relationships and foster strong links with elements of our supply chain to promote all our businesses to mutual benefit.